what am I up to?

I graduated MassArt last summer, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, with a concentration in animation.

Since graduating, I have worked on several projects.

In the summer following graduation, I created segments of animation for the documentary film “Herskovits at the Heart of Blackness”


Soon after, I began working for Richard Balzer, digitizing his massive collection of antique animation toys and devices. This has involved both taking photos for the collection’s archive, and building Flash interfaces to view the pieces in motion.



At the same time, I have been helping out my friends with their record label, Asteroid M Project. Whenever a concert is held, I’m shooting video of the bands to later edit and publish on youtube.



Somehow I have found time for other projects as well. I produced animation that was rear-projected onto a theater stage, synced up with an actor’s choreography. I made some animation for a pilot episode of an educational video series. I’ve also been working on a music video with my friend and fellow Massart alum, Adam Giangregorio. The video is for the band Peace & Quiet. The song is Tom in Mexico.

Here’s the latest demo reel.

Right now, I’m working for Vital Pictures again, this time for the film “An American Dilemma”.


I have many many personal projects bubbling quietly like a fine stew in the back of my mind and the margins of my sketchbook. Much more is to be revealed in the coming months.


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